A Statistical Validation of Raindrop Technique

Raindrop technique is a method of laying on hands and anointing with essential oils to the back and feet that brings about hormonal and structural balance to the body and stress-relief to the mind. It has resulted in permanent healing to thousands as well as relief from pain and other complaints to hundreds of thousands.

While anecdotal accounts are numerous, this is the first and only scientific study of the technique. The outcomes of more than 14,000 raindrop session are summarized in this book. It proves once and for all that raindrop is both safe and effective. Besides statistical data, there are 74 brief written testimonials that bring to light some of the benefits of raindrop that cannot be expressed in numbers.

This is the perfect resource for people considering raindrop who what to have informed consent. It is also ideal for medical groups, insurance companies, spas, health and fitness centers, and others considering the incorporation of raindrop technique within their scope. Well presented. Easy to read. A practical guide to those who perform raindrop technique as to what problems
can occur and how to handle them.

Quality Paperback - 64 pages - ISBN 0-934426-38-4


$9.95 each

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