Safe Alternatives in Childbirth

Safe Alternatives in Childbirth

4th edition
Editors: David Stewart, Ph.D. & Lee Stewart

Winner of the Books of the Year Award by the American Journal of Nursing

"Hospitals have never been proven to be the safest place for most mothers to give birth to their babies."

The Award-Winning Book that exposes the lack of scientific justification for many maternity practices in American hospitals and offers viable alternatives-including safe births outside of the hospital. Written for lay people, but documented for the professional.

Topics include:

  • Why there is a need for alternatives in childbirth
  • Maternity practices around the world: How do we measure up?
  • Birth-related mortality according to size and type of hospital
  • Childbearing centers: Alternatives to hospital birth and home birth
  • Comparative study of hospitals vs. home birth
  • Home births: Fad or trend?
  • Details of a successful traditional midwife practice
  • Statistical outcomes of home births in the U.S.
  • Why responsible, informed parents choose home births
  • Legal aspects of birth, both within the hospital and without
  • The American College of Home Obstetrics

"It is by far the most important set of documents that has come out about childbirth in some time."
-Margot Edwards, RN, MA

"A milestone volume in content and spirit."
-Lester Dessez Hazell, MA
ICEA Bookmarks, Seattle, WA

"Absolutely splendid. A very valuable piece of work."
-Sheila Kitzinger, Oxford, England

".Will probably prove to be the most valuable and useful book published to date in this field."
-Soho Weekly News
New York City, NY

ISBN: 0-934426-47-3
LCCN: 76-19336
277 pages
Code: SAC


$12.95 each

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