The New Madrid Fault Finders Guide
by Ray Knox, Ph.D. and David Stewart, Ph.D.

See for yourself. Take a day. Spend a weekend. Take an earthquake vacation.

Visit the most active fault zone in Mid-America and

  • Drive down "Earthquake Alley"
  • Fall into an earthquake crevasse
  • Walk on a sand boil
  • Stand in an explosion crater
  • Fish an earthquake lake
  • Find a lost city
  • View where the Mississippi ran backwards
  • Climb a seismic slump
  • See the world's largest sand boil
  • Talk to a witness tree
  • Explore historic New Madrid

Maps, direction, road logs—everything you need for a set of self-guided field tours of the greatest earthquake laboratory in the world. Fault finding is fun. Try it.

8.5 X 11 size; maps/photos/figs; Indexed; 154 pages

LCCN: 91-91374

ISBN: 0-934426-42-2


$16.95 each

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